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Potions, Elixirs, Superfoods, Powders….How do you choose what is best for my life? These powders are concentrated earth elements that gift the body nourishment, balance, and harmony. With everything in wellness; it is always best to check in with a health practitioner (ie. doctor) before taking a potent dose of these gems. We are all uniquely […]

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Your Victim lifestyle is limiting AF.
The humans core desire is to feel love and accepted. Yet, stepping outside our comfort zone is the exact way we discover ourself. But!!! That’s too scary because it leaves us in a position to be rejected and hurt. And who wants that? The majority of us have already experienced this way too many times and now run our life as a victim.
We quiet our voice after someone makes fun of it.
We hate our body because some boy or girl called ya fat.
We stopped making eye contact because we want to keep our soul safe.
We keep playing the SAME STORY over and over again.
We get comfortable with our numbing life because we will know the outcome. At least we think we will know the outcome.
We close up and say YES to everything because even if it’s a BIG NO .... thats the fastest and easiest way to avoid an awkward conversation.
We make minimal pay because we don’t understand our worth.
We avoid praise because who wants to feed the ego?
The victim life is REAL!
You have become the story. You are living in the same cycle that is bringing you the same results.
This feels a lot more safe because if you stay within that cycle you won’t feel so bad when someone brings down your vibration.
And I say fuck that! 🔥

Fuck the victim
Fuck the stories
Fuck the judgments of others
Fuck the limiting beliefs

The ego wants to keep us safe so we don’t feel pain or suffering. Our mind is exceptionally smart at keeping us in a cozy blanket that will give us the exact results. Better yet we will know all the outcomes so we can be prepared.
I couldn’t take it anymore. My entire being was going to burst knowing I would have to live out the same day again, saying yes to the cozy blanket so I could protect myself and being taken advantage of.

I love limiting beliefs. I know when one arises it’s going to upgrade me.
If I sense my ego coming in to keep me safe I run the other way (of course I wouldn’t if a tiger was chasing me 😉) I feel fear; I say fuck Yes! Let’s look in and feel what’s going on.
I make spontaneous decisions to keep me on my toes.
I take a different route to shake things up
I surround myself with healthy food, healthy thoughts,

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