Loving Your Guts

Potions, Elixirs, Superfoods, Powders….How do you choose what is best for my life? These powders are concentrated earth elements that gift the body nourishment, balance, and harmony. With everything in wellness; it is always best to check in with a health practitioner (ie. doctor) before taking a potent dose of these gems. We are all uniquely […]

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Sacred Rebel.

You! Your entire being is sacred.
Your voice.
Your body.
Your mind.
Your yoni.
Your wisdom.
Your personality.
Your darkness.
Your shadows.
Your “imperfections”

All of it! You are so damn sacred!
A rebel.
You don’t allow people to walk all over you.
You are walking your truth or on the path to it.
There is no time in your day you waste on people who suck your energy.
You live with integrity.
You walk your talk and you live unapologetically.
You are rebellious because you are curious.
You speak up.
You nurture every soul that crosses your path because connecting and giving unconditionally love is necessary.
Because life is here right now. And it’s time today, to harness your entire being and live it out FULLY. .
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create all sorts of magic. Serious magic that is soul activating. ✨
This space is playful and limitless. I’ve been able to learn and grow so much from almost accidentally starting something online. I had no intentions but I loved the freedom and how I could gift the knowledge I gained to my home town. That was huge and what made my heart sing. Being at service to the community who raised and inspired me. I will never forget that feeling of my first sale online. Completely freeing and liberating that a space like this could bring pure abundance and freedom of each and everyday. More importantly; a community! A community that pushing the limits of what we are taught is the ‘successful’ way to ‘life’. We are shape shifter. We push the limits. We own our own time. We create a lifestyle that is beyond norm; because why not. Our soul is calling for it. Our heart wants more to life than waking up each day on repeat.

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I talked briefly about my first sale while I was walking up to a shop for a Saturday morning coffee on my website. This was a marketing free and passively made money. 💃🏼 A completely overwhelming feeling took over my body and I knew there was something to this. Something bigger than I very could imagine. But, fear set it. I took a detour for awhile and climbed the mountain; I was so call living by. Always grinding away to get by.... yet the seed was planted. A passively income driven seed. ✨
Rewinding to my very first sale online that wasn’t it. The first sale I very made online was a week after I hosted a one day workshop that lead into a online 21 day sugar free journey. ✨
I had no website.
I had no following.
I had no idea how to sell online. ✨
All I did was create a poster and sent it off to the people who attending the workshop and then started my wellness page. Invited people to the page and had 11 people sign up immediately. Followed by another ‘launch’ and had a handful more. Gained two clients for a full year. Travelled while doing it and created a community. This is where it all began. I had no idea what I was doing but all I knew was I gave value and I could easily make a decent looking poster with all of the major points of WHY. This program has changed peoples lives and the way they look at food. It gave them more energy and relieve the majority of their symptoms. They lost the extra pounds and became creative in the kitchen. ✨
I knew within my heart; creating a program and impacting people’s lives like this was my calling. It also complemented my love for location freedom and own my own time. ✨
I hit jackpot! Seriously! Now I didn’t sell millions but I sold enough that created abundance and gave me more than what I needed. At the time, this was ran when I was inspired by it. It wasn’t a program that was scheduled to launch on specific days or had a goal. Well, a goal to gift people health. I loved connecting online with each person and I loved being their sidekick in creating the life they dreamt of; through food. ✨
I threw away fear and dove right into this digitally space. It’s a creative platform in my eyes that can [...]

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