3 Ways to Ease the Shifts of this Chapter (2016)



I have been seeing a lot of posts regarding this year and how it has been the most challenging year of many people lives; and I definitely can toast to that. There has been a lot that has happened and the magnitude of it wasn’t always pleasant but… life never gives you anything you aren’t able to handle. We are meant to experience everything we have this far. It is here for a reason and you don’t always need to know ‘the why’. With everything that has happened this year I choose to handle it with love and compassion. If you are experiencing a rough year or a year that has really uprooted a lot of old patterns; here are three ways to give yourself some freedom and light from the situation.


  1. Take extra time everyday to slow down. REALLY SLOW DOWN. I don’t mean come home early and watch an extra show or two. I literally mean put on the brakes. Free your schedule, have an extra long bath, read a little longer, cook food with no rush, and sit in stillness. Our nervous system will respond so well to slowing down. As we move through different experiences they can become stressful on the system and this only causes us to feel even more bogged down and tired.
  2. Give yourself some gratitude. What have you loved harder? What moments of laughter have you had? When was the last time you did feel grounded and happy? Take those moments and blow them up in your mind. Let them shine there and give yourself some gratitude. Life may have been chaotic but there was still beauty around. Even the ‘darkness’ is going to transcend into beauty if you allow it too. Yes, life may have felt the hardest this year. But it really is preparing you for all of the incredible experiences you are about to experience. So, right here. Right now. Tell yourself, “the good times this year out-weigh the chaos.”. Give yourself a huge freaking hug. You made it. No matter if you disagree. You have a heartbeat and your breath.
  1. STOP listening to the small voice in your head. “why me?” “I don’t deserve this.” “I do deserve this” “I can’t handle anymore.” “Pour me” “I feel so bad for myself.”….. The voice is there and it needs to quiet down. Your highest self does not run off this frequency. You are the light. We can start stories in our head about why it is happening or why things aren’t happening. But at the end of the day this voice isn’t going to serve you. Catch yourself when this voice comes into your head. Allow it to be there but let those thoughts go. Don’t get hung up on them. They create illusions and more chaos that will only make us feel even worse. Next time a little thought comes into your mind that you know doesn’t bring joy and happiness. Leave it. Fill your room and mirrors with affirmations that are the opposite. These affirmations hold a greater frequency that will bring more ease and peace into your day. Stare at yourself and say them outloud. No matter how silly or odd you feel. DO IT! soon enough you will feel these words in your body.


Truly life is BEAUTIFUL no matter how painful it may seem. This ‘pain’ can be transformed into something much lighter if we learn to handle it in a different way. As we learn to slow down, feel more gratitude, and stop listening to the small voice we see and feel the bigger picture. We connect to our deepest self as we learn to grow from what life gives us. It may not feel great in the moment but it ”too shall pass”. As cliche as that may sound; it really does with time.







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