My name is Brittany Reid, a Soul Food Alchemist, Certified Nutritional Practitioner, and Yoga Teacher. Eating Intuitively came me when I was living out on the West Coast here in Canada after studying. You will find that I keep my creative juices flowing with many different food and nutrition outlets. Eating Intuitively is a community (Tribe) of individuals that are raising the vibrations of what wellness looks and feels like virtually. The phrase also refers to living symbiotically with nature, listening to your body, and nourishing yourself with real (earth) food.

Over the past 10 years of a self-journey I have been weaving simple principles above while stretching myself into all other areas of wellness. Yoga, meditation, travel, self-care, eastern medicine, sisterhood, love of nature, fasting, and curiosity/playfulness that also complement the lifestyle that is Eating Intuitively. It’s a space where I share my journey into teachings.

Combine all of that with a ever-growing and intuitive urge for wanderlust, and we might just be besties!


One of my strongest values when working with others is support and encouraging growth. Raising their spirit as well as raising my own. I am very passionate about eating intuitively, as you seen in my bio, and living authentically. As I work with clients one-on- one we not only address wholefoods and the proper nutrients for them as an individual, but what is it that we can do to raise their own vibrations, to live a happier more heart forward life.

Some of my personal hobbies are: yoga, running, recipe formulation, spiritual living, travel, outdoors, exploring the unknown, learning different cultures, weaving, fermenting, wine, reading, continuing my education, color therapy, life coaching, meditation, photography, writing, business development, painting, and website design (currently learning).

I hope you bookmark this site with gentleness and kindness in your heart, and come back often. I’ll be here, and I’ll always be passionate about this simple, mindful, very conscious lifestyle. Here’s what I offer to my clients:

  • Event Catering
  • Plant-based cooking classes (I’m a certified plant-based nutritionist)
  • Recipe Formulation and Product Production
  • A wild amount of happy lifestyle info and ideas via my Blog

Thank you for visiting my world!