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7 Self Love Holiday Gifts

December has began and we are always on a hunt for like-minded individuals that are offering nourishing, wholesome, conscious items. Instead of doing a traditional list of items for others we have gathered a list of gifts for yourself. Sister, its time to love yourself even more. The season is often marketed about giving gifts to […]

F*ck Fast Fashion Series: Part 1, Scared Straight.

Fast fashion. It’s been a popular buzz-phrase in 2016, much like ‘millennial’, ‘ghosting’ or ‘Trump.’ Well, what is it? Fast Fashion is a term that refers to the fast AF process of fashion retailers getting trends onto the market as quickly as possible. Like this year for example, suede chokers, embroidered bomber jackets and over […]

Life Lessons: Hangover Edition.

Saying “I’m never drinking again” is a staple in my life. So much so, I have considered making it my instagram bio. Which for me is pretty much the highest form of commitment I can have to anything. But as we all do, I continue to have one too many drinks and hate myself for […]

Red Lentil Dahl

Hi Tribe! This weekend was a time for relaxation and fully soaking in my first Saskatchewan Fall in years. The leaves are changing and I have been feeling more connected and grounded since returning to Canada. With all the change and transition it finally feels like my feet are connected to the Saskatchewan energy. Mornings […]

Moving Through a Storm

It has been almost 10 months since my two bare-feet arrived back on Canadian soil. Let me just say, its been a lot. I came from a schedule that had me wandering around the planet enjoying the new smells, sights, and atmosphere as frequent as possible. To a place of childhood memories, struggles, accomplishments, and […]

Cyprus Tales: Larnaca & Pafos

After 7 days immersed in the culture deprived Ayia Napa, we made our way south to the city of Larnaca. For what this city lacked in beautiful beaches, it made up for in its ridiculously perfect mix of traditional Cypriot alleyways and modern hipster decor. We only had 2 days in this city and I […]