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Chocolate is a Fruit.

Botanical name: Theobroma Cacao Well… It comes from a fruit. This fruiting tree which is wildly popular around the globe produces a beautiful fruit that is made into cacao or cocoa. We will go into the detail of the difference later on. Once picked, dried, and fermented there are two components of the fruit we […]

Israel…It Got Real

Israel wasn’t on my travel bucket list. In fact, I knew as much about it as I know about how taxes work….literally nothing. But my best friend was there and watching Broad City, swiping on tinder, and doing homework is no fun alone. I booked myself a plane ticket and off I went. After 17 […]

Mediterranean Madness: Ayia Napa

Sometimes life throws lemons at you and you have to listen to lemonade on repeat and go on a post break up getaway with your bff. This is how we found ourselves in Ayia Napa, a club fueled, european tourist haven in Cyprus. Cyprus is a country in the mediterranean located between Turkey and Greece […]