Magic Woman Journey — Costa Rica

Tribe Member Shannon Ross is hosting Magic Woman Journey in Costa Rica this March with Hannah Dyson and Magic Team. The four day series is designed to take you through all four elements connecting you to the shared heart beat of mother earth. You will experience daily tools to enhance feminine connection, intuition, creativity, empowerment, and self intimacy.

If this divine package feels aligned click here to connect with Shannon. In your message or purchase of ticket include the Code “Magic” for 10% OFF! xx

 Celebrate Spring Equinox
On the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica
March 17 – 20th 2017

Join us for a four day Magic Woman Journey
In Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
A magic woman is someone who acknowledges + fulfills her divine feminine abilities of intuition, love, and creative prowress
Learn the elements + ritual of connecting to the shared heart beat of Mother Earth through the body, the spirit, the mind, and the emotions; embodying the seasons + cycles of life
Embrace your continuous personal awakening while learning how to empower others
Learn daily tools to uplift your frequency + the steps to wo/manifesting dreams into reality
Daily sessions run from 11am – 3pm
Experiencing + Integrating the Codes of Alchemy into daily ritual + practices for optimal health, happiness, + creativity

Daily sessions are categorized by our four powers +

the four directions of the medicine wheel

Day 1: The Body, the North

Opening cacao ceremony + temple dance meditation
Movement Magic with yoga, dance, + mudras
Creating Sacred Shapes with your body + hands
The Chakras: The spiritual power centres of the body
 Earth Wisdom: Food, Herbs, Aromatherapy, + Nature as Medicine

Day 2: The Spirit, the East

Sacred Symbols
Sacred Geometry, Numerology, Archetypes, Animal Totems, + Tarot
Sound Healing + Casting Spells
Re-tuning your cells + journeying with sound
Singing + Reciting Mantras, Heart + Earth Songs
Offering prayers to the great creator, your vision of the world echoing out into the universe + wo/manifesting into form

Day 3: The Mind, the South

The Seasons of the Sun
Fall Equinox, Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice
The Knowledge of the Stars
Creating your Talis/wo/man + Portable Altar

Day 4: The Emotions, the West

The Cycles of the Moon: New, Waxing, Full, Waning
Meditation, Imagination, Holding + Creating Space
Spring Equinox Cacao Ceremony Celebration
+ evening bonfire at the beach


Four days of training through study, ritual + ceremony
Two Cacao ceremonies
Local Organic Plant-Based Delights
A creative alchemy workbook including all training materials
Access to an ongoing alumni forum online
10% OFF CODE: magic

Reclaim Your Inner Wisdom Retreat

Interested in a night away? looking to get re-grounded and re-focussed? aligned with your heart and soul?

Come join myself and Dr. Julie Zepp Inspired Health for a retreat.

Ancient Spirals Retreat is located just south of Saskatoon. You will have access to two walking labyrinths – a spiral chakra and a circular one, scenic hiking trails in the rolling hills to the beautiful Saskatchewan river, an outside seating area, clean and comfortable sleeping areas inside the beautiful lodge, or for the more adventurous the opportunity to sleep under the stars in one of their tipis.

This powerful space will be our home for 25 hours of connection, community, wisdom teachings, sharing, yoga, clean healthy food, personal time and a whole lot of R&R and TLC.

The retreat starts on Saturday June 17th with check-in (with tea and small snack) at 9:30 am and wrap up by 11 am on Sunday June 18th.

Our itinerary will include workshops on self-compassion, mindful eating and conscious movement along with plenty of time for personal reflections and the opportunity to share in community.

We will spend time engaged in gentle movement, walking the trails and labyrinth and moving together for yoga. Ritual and ceremony will support our container.

Your personal investment is $215+tax if you register before or on June 1st.
After June 1st the investment increases to $275+tax.

Price includes:
Overnight Stay
All meals, snacks, and beverages
All workshops and yoga classes

Take home Reclaim Your Inner Wisdom Booklet and ritual gift.
We are so honored to share this offering with you and we look forward to walking this path together, supporting you as you Reclaim your Inner Wisdom.

Contact or to register or ask any questions