It Begins with YOU.


And here I am, like many others, writing a blog post regarding happiness abroad. But it happens. You feel it. Happiness starts with a healthy kind mindset; it truly is something that is cultivated every day. It doesn’t just show up. We can’t buy it at the shop. And definitely won’t feel it if  we keep looking at the hardships in life.

A few titles I have seen on my social media:

“I truly felt happiness after _____. ”

“After travelling for _ years I found myself. ”


When you are put in a place where everything is new and unknown it really starts to shake you at the core. It really wakes a person up.

So, why do people claim to find happiness abroad? Perhaps this happens because we don’t have the day to day stresses of our regular life back home. When we are travelling its all about travelling and being present. Nothing more. Or, maybe we have a realization how numb we have been in our life back home. I have created a list of the top 5 lessons I have learnt that brought me more happiness and gratitude today.


5 Lessons I Learnt Abroad:

    When I travel to a place (outside a resort) I really feel both sides of everything. And I am not talking a gentle feeling of it. It will usually bubble up all at once together. Intertwined. I begin to see the ego (resistance) and spirit (unconditional love). In other words I recognized my strengths and areas of myself that may need a little more attention. But with every decision, every thought, every moment there is a choice. Even in the darkest moments there is light.
    Its not about the clothes I wear. Its not about what hair product I use. It is not about what backpack I have. Its about my soul. Its about my smile. It is about how welcoming I am. I remember the first trip I made when I was fresh out of high school and grew up in a small town. I was so used to everyone knowing me and I had a close group of friends that I could lean on. Well…. I hopped on a plane to jump abroad where no one knew me. Relationships take time to grow. But if I kept a closed door when travelling there is no room for someone to get to know me or grow a relationship. I was quiet the first trip because I didn’t want to be judged and I didn’t know how to really begin a friendship. I was shy yet I felt like I could be anyone. I started to break down the walls I had built when I was teen and became very vulnerable.Friend, if you are about to take your first trip abroad wear your soul. BE YOU. Let your light shine and your globe tribe will come. You will met so many more people than you would if you kept to yourself. One awesome way is to sit at community tables and introduce yourself to everyone! Two ways I introduce myself or ‘break the ice’ is: asking them how they are (truly) doing or I find something I love about them and express it. Be curious like you were as a kid. And be yourself. Don’t be shy- the universe will always and forever support you. 
    It is easy to get lost on one side of the spectrum. I love being quiet and meditative and I also love to be wild and untamed. This is part of the beauty in having a human experience. We are able to experience both sides but don’t get lost friend. It can be exhausting living on one side of the spectrum for too long and you can also miss out on something profound waiting on the other side. Keep yourself in rhythm of how you feel day to day. Find the balance of inwardness and outwardness. Find the balance that makes you thrive. It may take awhile to shed back what is needed to live in divine flow- but it can happen. It will happen and will be the most rewarding.
    Nothing is permanent. Period. Stop trying to figure it out. Stop trying to control the outcome. Stop obsessing over material objects. It all doesn’t matter. Our life isn’t even permanent so go outside and get your feet dirty. Eat too much chocolate. Laugh so hard until your belly hurts. Go next door and offer your neighbour some tea- heck even a beer. Get connected.Your house will be fine one more day if you don’t clean it. It really is okay. Go enjoy your day and stop stressing over all of these ‘tasks’ you need to finish. Your experience, today, is the most important.
    My thoughts, opinions, and wisdom matters. It is time for us all as a collective to RISE THE F UP. There has been too many years where I kept quiet for so many reasons. This was a whole new area for me even though many people know I love to talk. Having conversations and teaching is my jam. But for so long, after a lot of childhood teasing, I became more and more quiet. Stuffing everything down so far that is caused more harm than good.Speak up love. Share the beautiful words that roll off your tongue. Share your personal journey to your journal, your friends, your community, online, and anywhere your heart desires. Of course with a loving intention that does not harm others or self.A great practice I have started to incorporate into my daily drive is singing. I am not a singer by no means. I have never taken classes and was so shy even though I remember we had a girl singing group in elementary school. Yes, we would sing at recess hehehe. It feels so damn good to sing our hearts out whether alone in your car or publically. There are over 80 meridians on the top of our tongue that are connected to your glandular system. They are stimulated when you use your voice. How healing is that!

The five lessons above have been the most educational moments in my life that have cultivated more happiness. There truly are so many reasons why people claim to find themselves or happiness abroad. This also doesn’t mean you need to pack your bag and book a plane ticket to find it either. It is a mindset and a choice to find beauty in the vastness of the world and to feel happiness. The more you think and feel happiness the more comes your way. Again, its all a perception. Become real with yourself and become curious with the richness of this world. I know you have felt it before and maybe your path has taken a bit of a detour but you can feel it again.

It begins with YOU




F*ck Fast Fashion Series: Part 2, The Options

If you read Part 1, I know it took alot to come back after all of that shade I was throwing at Fast Fashion. If you are reading this strictly out of guilt then I must have done a good job. If you didn’t read Part 1, to summarize: fast fashion is the Donald Trump of retail, we don’t know how out of control it can get until LOL its president of our closet and we realize how bad we fucked up. So to follow up my rant heavy Part 1 of this series, Part 2 will actually give you some suggestions on how to slow down that urge to feverishly purchase any new trending piece of clothing.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest wearing a MuMu made out of hemp, although that sounds comfy as hell. I try not to be a trend chaser but i’m a 23 year old girl, so sometimes all I “need” is a bomber covered in cool emoji patches but It’s also really important to give a fuck about the social and environmental impacts of where you are investing your money. So what can be done in this world when you want to have a fire instagram feed featuring cute outfits but you also care about the world and the people in it?


  • Thrift, Thrift, and more Thrift.



I don’t know about you but when vintage levis made a valiant comeback in 2016 the my secondhand soul was ecstatic…my self esteem on the other hand took a small hit, because apparently in 90’s men and women had much smaller measurements than I do. But nevertheless, vintage jeans YASSS! Seriously go get your thrift on, its better for your wallet, the environment and worn in clothing is much more comfortable.



  • Consignment.

If old graphic tees and mom jeans aren’t your aesthetic, I feel that. You don’t have to give up on your street style dreams. There are so many consignment stores in your city filled with lightly worn goods that would make your brunch selfie game next level. Well made blazers, leather jackets, and more classic pieces are easy finds at many consignment stores. And because its 2017, the online consignment game is strong. If you are wanting higher end or designer goods, check out The Real Real and Lab Consignment. You will not be disappointed.



  • Clothing Swaps.

Growing up in a household of 4 girls, my wardrobe was a constant clothing swap, which was my literal heaven. Then I moved away from home and along with the crippling sadness of not being around my favorite people, I was forced to function with the clothing of one wardrobe. But that is the beauty of having lots of friends because any group hang can be made into a clothing swap. Invite some friends over, It can be BYOB and BYOC. You would be surprised how many things you might hate in your closet that some other queen in your friend group has been dying to buy. At the end of the night, any unwanted pieces can be donated!


  1. Embellish Old Shit

By Embellish, I do not mean bedazzle. Although it’s 2017 and i’m pretty sure anything goes. I am referring to screenprinting and embroidery embellishments. Brunette The Label has almost single handedly made a simple black sweatshirt with white writing the most instagrammable outfit of the past year. I never thought so many people would pay $80 for a sweatshirt stating their hair color but alas that shit is popular.  And we can’t forget about the iconic “KALE” sweatshirt from Beyonce’s “7/11” music video, and if you don’t get that reference, stop reading this right now and go watch it. Take that old sweatshirt to a screen printing shop and get literally any word or phrase printed on it, better yet, toss a # in front of it and you are now part of the modern fashion world (#YASQUEEN). Embroidered patches are no longer exclusively reserved for girl scout troops, so go find yourself a cool patch (etsy has tons) or make one yourself. Iron that bad boy onto an old t-shirt, denim jacket or flannel and prepare for the compliments.


I hope you feel a little better after reading this and you now realize that avoiding fast fashion does not limit you to a wardrobe that makes you look like a walking potato. Incorporating any of these suggestions into your shopping habits will help with all of the things I ranted about in Part 1 of this series. And at the very least will free up some extra cash for you. With that, I need to return to my embroidery, because I have finally found a hobby that combines my love for emoji’s with my 85 year old soul and doesn’t involve a Real Housewives franchise.


Written by Stevie J.

7 Self Love Holiday Gifts

December has began and we are always on a hunt for like-minded individuals that are offering nourishing, wholesome, conscious items. Instead of doing a traditional list of items for others we have gathered a list of gifts for yourself. Sister, its time to love yourself even more. The season is often marketed about giving gifts to others; but we want to remind our Tribe that it is just as important (if not more) to give yourself extra love. The day planners just might be filling up with events for family, friends, and work; leaving you with little to no time for yourself. Carving out space to spend more time on the moments you love is the BEST gift you can give yourself. Gifts don’t need to be given in a physical form as an item; they can be given to you in small moments throughout the day. Maybe some quite space with a hot cuppa before you start your day? Or maybe even an extra dose of self loving meditations to ease up the stresses of the holiday businesses? Make it be a priority in your day to say yes to LOVE.

SELF LOVE MOMENT: Schedule in YOU time into your month to allow space to nourish yourself. 

We have scheduled in some extra self-loving moments and now it is time to share our favourite items to gift yourself

  1. Mastering Your Mean Girl Book by Melissa Ambrosini : This book has transformed my self talk/self love. We all have a inner voice that doesn’t serve our highest self and Melissa writes so beautifully on how to master this voice by choosing love over fear. She is an absolute gem and I am forever grateful for this book and how self love is the outmost important thing we can do daily. This is the book of 2017, I feel it. We need a whole lot more self love.



2. Clary Calm from Doterra : Essential oils are 80 times more potent than the dry herb. With all of the hormone disruptors we encounter everyday this blend is nourishing, balancing, and soothing to the womb space. The essential oils that it includes are: clary sage, lavender, bergamot, roman chamomile, cedar wood, ylang ylang, geranium, fennel, carrot seed, palmarosa, and vitex.


Clary Calm Purchase

3.  The Soap Trio by Herbivore Botanicals: I love these soaps and the brand. They use the finest all-natural ingredients that are plant-based, organic, and food-grade leaving the skin very happy. They do not test on animals and all ingredients are added for a therapeutic reason. The pack includes Blue clay, Pink clay, and Black charcoal.


Nourish my Skin: purchase here

4.  Green Dream Superfood Bundle by Philosophie: Giving your body an extra boost of greens to keep your body thriving throughout the busy month. The holidays are often an indulgent time with all of the lovely baking and events that we don’t want to miss out on our greens. Add these items into smoothies, curries, morning oats, and baked goods.


Dreaming Green? Purchase Here

5. Following your Intuition Mala by Mala Collective: 108 sacred beads from Bali that are woven together to make a mala. This mala is to listen to the inner voice that doesn’t use words.  The soft pink correlates with the heart chakra.


Intuition Mala

 6.  Cast Iron Tea Pot Set by Mountain Rose Herbs: Imagine waking up boiling yourself a pot of water and enjoying a cuppa. This pot and cup set is a beautiful turquoise with a gold design setting up for a beautiful tea experience.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-9-49-15-pmTea Experience Set

7. Kundalini Gown by Myrah Penaloza: this gown makes you feel like a princess. The white hand stitched gown has pockets for you little gems to sit in and beautiful buttons that feel like shells of the beach. It is a beautiful addition to your morning mediations, women gatherings, yoga, and daily ritual sits. screen_shot_2016-04-12_at_11-05-47_pm

Evoke the Kundalini Spirit: Order here

We start our self love journey by gifting ourselves extra moments within our day of nourishment and laughter. These items above are all created by beautiful artisans that are evolving the world to a better more sustainable, vibrant earth. All of these items above are items that align with Eating Intuitively’s philospohy on purchasing good. Gifts for yourself or a loved one that holds a greater consciousness than mass produced items that drain our earth of its resources. When buying items whether for the holidays or not ask yourself “Where might this be coming from?” . When we strive to support local and conscious businesses we start to change the world.

Happy Holidays,


All photos are directly from their beautiful websites that have an abundance of other goodies that we love. By clicking the link below you will be taken right to their sacred online space.

F*ck Fast Fashion Series: Part 1, Scared Straight.

Fast fashion. It’s been a popular buzz-phrase in 2016, much like ‘millennial’, ‘ghosting’ or ‘Trump.’ Well, what is it? Fast Fashion is a term that refers to the fast AF process of fashion retailers getting trends onto the market as quickly as possible. Like this year for example, suede chokers, embroidered bomber jackets and over the knee boots seemed to pop up everywhere overnight, appearing with the same aggressive swiftness as a new snapchat filter that you didn’t even know existed until four of your friends are sending you snaps as Pugs.

For most people, fast fashion makes up the entirety of their wardrobe. We have been become accustomed to buying these items without stopping to think or even question the path in which it takes to get them into our hands. The wastefulness of this industry should be obvious, even to the most avid trend chaser, but there are several hidden issues as well. Issues including: the environmental impacts, labour abuses and not to mention the slow erosion of our soul and self worth (sorry, too dramatic?)

To start things off, I am just going to give you some disturbing facts à la scared straight.

  • A typical pair of jeans requires 7,000 litres of water to produce. That is ten times the amount of water the average person drinks in A YEAR! Your fave pair of jeans is #THIRSTY.
  • Fast Fashion is the world’s second largest polluter, second to the oil industry.
  • The world consumes 400% more pieces of clothing than 20 years ago. We are eating up those trends like hungry little hippos.
  • On average, most articles of clothing are worn 7 times before being thrown out.That number is high in my opinion. Seriously, how many times did you wear that sequin NYE dress? Yeah that’s what I thought.
  • The majority of workers in this industry are women making less than $3 a day. Less than what I pay for coffee. Like $2 less.
    Our consumption is increasing, but overall the wages of garment workers is decreasing.

If any of you were brave enough to watch The True Cost, a documentary about the ethics surrounding fashion these facts will come as no surprise. And to all of you operating under the “ignorance is bliss” framework when it comes to this category, stop being an asshole. It’s 2016 and ignorance ain’t cool, ya feel me?

So now that I have you super sad and confused, I am going to leave you to reflect on your decisions. Like a bad first date, or a level 10 hangover. But DON’T FRET, I am not ghosting (HA! buzzword). In this series I will be providing some glimmer of hope in what you can do to throw that middle finger up to fast fashion (lemonade style). Stay tuned for part two of #FuckFastFashion

Unrelated note: Stevie, spend less on coffee.




Written by Tribe member: Stevie J.

It’s a Date! The non-negotiable for a healthy holiday season

“Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.” ―Michael Wickett

It’s all about the date.
…with me, myself and I, of course.
I’ll let you in on this little ritual.
With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season setting in, a self date is just necessary. I put aside a date with myself, usually on a Friday night or a weekend morning, to go through a “mini-self retreat” as I take a deep look at three major entities in my life: the body, the mind & the soul.
Even if this seems a little far fetched… hear me out and I’m certain you’ll get something out of this!
Set out a non-negotiable date with yourself. Pencil it… wait, actually PEN it into your agenda, phone calendar, etc. and do whatever necessary to make sure you stick to this time so you can avoid rescheduling this hot date in fear of it being forgotten!
Set yourself up with a nice glass of wine or hot tea and bring out your journal, open a fresh word doc, have your agenda handy and get at it!

This starts with taking a good look at how aligned you feel with your life’s purpose, your dharma as it’s called in Sanskrit. Write down what goals you want to accomplish from now until the end of February. Three months in advance seems to be the sweet spot to set myself up with realistic goals that take into consideration the holiday time that I will need off to spend quality time with family.
Order your goals into priority of what week they could best get accomplished. I physically write them out in my agenda so I can see where I’m at as the weeks go by. I suggest reading my post for in depth goal crushing strategy to really tackle any goals that may be giving your grief!
This goal setting review is crucial to the process because by committing to your goals, your mind can be at ease as you are ready to actually check them off as you go! Knowing this is all written down and already visualized, your mind will no longer need to be mulling these thoughts over and over causing unnecessary anxiety.
How does your body feel?
Is there anything your want add or subtract from your eating habits?
Where is your self-care at?
Take an honest moment to check in with your answers to these questions so you can address what needs to be changed. Make those appointments on the spot or add them into your goals for the upcoming week to make sure they happen.
This is non-negotiable time for yourself because for you to be doing your work in the world, you’re going to have to make sure your taking care of that beautiful body of yours!
At this point I usually go in to my gym calendar and book the next three months of yoga classes, strength building and cardio times. This way, those classes are booked, I’ve add them to my agenda, and it’s one reason more that I will be get my butt to those classes, during the inner battle of bed vs. workout!
I like to choose one thing in my eating habits to focus for a month so I can make sure it becomes well, a habit! I try to keep it simple and straight forward so it’s easy to remember on a daily basis!
My personal eating habit change for the month of December is getting more exotic fruits into my diet. Harder to find and a little on the pricy side, but I’m aiming to keep me aware of the how much fruit I am or am not consuming daily!
It’s all about non-judgemental awareness!
At the end of this process of writing goals, reflecting on the hard questions and knowing where you want to see yourself in two-three months from now, you deserve to give yourself a a few silent moments of gratitude for the work you’ve just done. This also is a time to hold space for any fears, insecurities, doubts as well as excitements, clarities and sensations of reliefs that has arose from this process.
This is where you take time, perhaps in a meditative form, to just sit and thank yourself for honouring your body mind and soul up to this point and for your ability to continuously create your healthy and happy lifestyle.
By making this date with yourself your opening opportunities of self-growth and you’ll gain more from the holidays knowing your on the track to getting what you need accomplished and keeping yourself healthy during it all!
I’d love to know how you set yourself up for a healthy & sustaining lifestyle during the holiday season! Leave a comment below!




Love & Light,




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Why work with a Nutritionist? …. A Holistic Nutritionist.

Hi there,

Its Britt here. I am the creator of Eating Intuitively and have been passionate about well being since an early age. There was health imbalances and always a question lingering around me ‘why?’. This word, why, is a powerful word I see being used everyday by many people to seek for more. We ask why to learn, grow, and evolve. We, as a collect, are waking up to journeying through our own inwardness. A seed was planted within us to ask why. To wonder and explore the different areas of life and well being. This seed has gifted us the ability to explore more than what is told on media. So why work with a nutritionist? What is the purpose? What do we do? How does it look?



Lets look at food first. How many times are we programmed to think we need to eat? some would say 3, some would say 5, and I say when you are physically hungry. Mother Earth has provided an abundance of edibles to nourish us. These edibles come in all forms: plants (vegetables and fruit), nuts/seeds, legumes, grains, herbs, and other medicinal options.

Why do we eat?

  • We eat and need to eat food (nutrients within) that we can not intrinsically make.
  • We eat for pure connection with mother earth and our surroundings.
  • We eat gathered around a table for love and togetherness.
  • We eat, to receive the nutrients that are needed for our bodies to thrive.

On the contrary if we all ate the edibles Mother Earth provided, nourish the rhymes of our subtle bodies, and followed what spoke to our heart; would we even health care practitioners? No. I truly believe we all have the capability within ourselves to know exactly what is imbalanced and/or what needs more attention.

This is where I am come. See me as the navigator that is leading you finding the root cause of whatever imbalance you may be experiencing. I work with you directly on an individual level to unweave all of the confusion and or unconscious patterns. I am not an advocate of any particular eating regime except eating WHOLEFOODS as abundant on your plate as possible.

We start with food but we really go a lot deeper than that. There is a lot to be said about what we put in our mouth but without care to all other areas of our being we won’t reach our truest balance. Working with a nutritionist, especially a holistic one, we balance all areas of our life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Because life is so much sweeter when we take more time out of daily schedules to give ourselves a lot more self love10473976_437593116395970_332924297615586162_n

But what does this all look like… There are many ways we can work together. I have worked with people through Skype, FaceTime, in person, and email. The recommend meal plans all change depending on what we are working on together. This can come in the form of a day to day plan or a weekly overall plan. All of my programs that I offer you receive special client prices for workshops, events, cooking classes, and other products. This is a little gift for you to take advantage of more knowledge on your own journey and learn various topics and make everyday the tastiest day every.

If you are feeling pulled to work with a nutritionist, lets talk! I offer a free 15min FREE introduction call.


img_2628UPCOMING 2017:

I will be posting upcoming events, workshops, and classes for 2017 on the event page.