Cyprus Tales: Larnaca & Pafos

After 7 days immersed in the culture deprived Ayia Napa, we made our way south to the city of Larnaca. For what this city lacked in beautiful beaches, it made up for in its ridiculously perfect mix of traditional Cypriot alleyways and modern hipster decor.

We only had 2 days in this city and I left feeling as though I had just been to a real life version of my ideal pinterest decor board. To my absolute joy I found a cafe called BakeIt and enjoyed probably the best cappuccino of the trip. But then again, after drinking nescafe for days on end, my taste buds may have just given the fuck up on me.

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I spent the morning on the beach which was not as picturesque as those in Ayia Napa but give me a beach and I shall lay with a smile on my face. I spent the afternoon wandering the streets and delightfully found myself in an area that from western culture could only be described as hipster. With cafes and bars situated in the small alleyways with tables set up lining the sidewalks it was very much my scene. We made our way back there in the evening for some drinks. We decided on a place called Stories, which is now inspo for my apartment. Dark stained wood was accented with brightly painted shutters and neon velvet furniture. I stuck to beer because I’m a broke ass student, but my travel partner got a seriously delicious passion fruit cocktail.


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We left the next morning and made our way to the archaeologically famous city of Pafos. And you guessed it, another beach town. Pafos itself is a little bit of a bore. To give you some context; according to Tripadvisor,  the number one thing to do is visit the archeological park seconded by visiting Aphrodite’s brewery….I’m sure you can guess which one of those we did.

We made it our mission to get to the brewery. And let me disclose that the Cypriot bus systems are not the easiest to figure out so inevitably we got off at the wrong bus stop. Fortunately the stop we got off at was basically in someone’s front yard.  Looking like two confused tourists, the homeowners quickly came to our rescue. They spoke little English and us no greek but they understood where we were trying to get to.  Instead of pointing us in the right direction like most Canadians would have done, they proceeded to start cleaning out their vehicle so they could drive us. Turns out we were not too far off, only about a kilometer away.

The little mishap was so worth it. If for some reason I end up on death row, this meal would be my last request.  The beer was not so much our style (mostly darker, heavier beers) but the pizza was something from my dreams. We both ordered the fig and goat cheese pizza with capers, red onion, arugula and a balsamic reduction that I would take shots of. I will be comparing all future boyfriends to the happiness this pizza brought me, and I will probably fly 11,000 km to eat it one more time in my lifetime.


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Cyprus is a beautiful country with warm, kind hearted individuals and amazing scenery.

Pafos restored my faith in humanity and the kindness we were shown in this city was exceptionally heartwarming.  I left Pafos slightly less of a cynical asshole than when I got there and that’s a win in my book.

Written by: Stevie Johns

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