Mediterranean Madness: Ayia Napa

Sometimes life throws lemons at you and you have to listen to lemonade on repeat and go on a post break up getaway with your bff. This is how we found ourselves in Ayia Napa, a club fueled, european tourist haven in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a country in the mediterranean located between Turkey and Greece and Ayia Napa is the Cancun of Cypress.  Several corny restaurants and clubs lined the streets (including a Senor Frogs) and we were constantly being asked to go on 5 hour party cruises that sounded like floating frat parties that you could not leave. A quick stroll down the bar strip at night allows for the viewing of several alcohol poisoning cases in the making.

These were not the reasons for our visit to ayia Napa and after the second night we did try to get a refund on our airbnb as being blindly puking in the streets was not our style.

In contrast to the painfully fratty vibe, the magical landscapes Cyprus has to offer will quickly brainwash you into staying. Normally I would want to punch myself in the face for using the term “magical” to describe anything but as soon as you take a trip to nearby Cape Greko National Park, magical is the only fitting adjective.

There is a 4 km trail that runs along the coast of the national park taking you to sea caves, incredible views, and an adorable Greek style church. The party boats were constantly rolling in to try and fuck up our zen but after their drunk passengers saw the blurred crystal waters and became distracted by another rum and coke they quickly moved on.

The Agioi Anargyroi sea cave which is located beneath an adorable white and blue church was one of our first stops.  As soon as we walked inside the small inlet, we quickly stripped and dove inside the insane turquoise water. Being in a cave that opens up to the Mediterranean ocean was such a stunning sight that I literally thought a mermaid was going to appear; probably try to sell me fantasy boat party tickets but mystical nonetheless.


Post 3 - Photo 1

Konnos Bay beach is at the end of the trail which is breathtaking itself if you can look past the tourist infested  sea of beach umbrellas and russian men in speedos.We stopped by for a quick swim and a rest before we made our way to the main sea caves.

We got lost obviously but eventually made found our way to the caves, which were by far the highlight of the day. The sea caves are a massive bay of cliffs laid inland that look like a something out of a Greek fairy tale. The bay has developed after thousands of years of the waves eroding the cliffs

There is a section of the caves where cliff jumping is popular and with a 40 ft drop I can tell you it’s fucking fun but terrifying. Once you have jumped (or climbed) down, there is a large portion of exposed rock you can just chill out on and watch the cliff jumpers from above or just swim around in the bay and watch the terrified cliff jumpers hesitate at the top.


Post 3 - Photo 2

Take it from me, Ayia Napa is a playground for twenty somethings. The scenery is worth it for a couple of days, but never book an Airbnb for a week because people don’t like giving refunds!

Next stop is Larnaca! Where we will hopefully be able to find some authentic Greek food instead of a Flintstones themed restaurant.


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