F*ck Fast Fashion Series: Part 2, The Options

If you read Part 1, I know it took alot to come back after all of that shade I was throwing at Fast Fashion. If you are reading this strictly out of guilt then I must have done a good job. If you didn’t read Part 1, to summarize: fast fashion is the Donald Trump of retail, we don’t know how out of control it can get until LOL its president of our closet and we realize how bad we fucked up. So to follow up my rant heavy Part 1 of this series, Part 2 will actually give you some suggestions on how to slow down that urge to feverishly purchase any new trending piece of clothing.


Don’t worry, I’m not going to suggest wearing a MuMu made out of hemp, although that sounds comfy as hell. I try not to be a trend chaser but i’m a 23 year old girl, so sometimes all I “need” is a bomber covered in cool emoji patches but It’s also really important to give a fuck about the social and environmental impacts of where you are investing your money. So what can be done in this world when you want to have a fire instagram feed featuring cute outfits but you also care about the world and the people in it?


  • Thrift, Thrift, and more Thrift.



I don’t know about you but when vintage levis made a valiant comeback in 2016 the my secondhand soul was ecstatic…my self esteem on the other hand took a small hit, because apparently in 90’s men and women had much smaller measurements than I do. But nevertheless, vintage jeans YASSS! Seriously go get your thrift on, its better for your wallet, the environment and worn in clothing is much more comfortable.



  • Consignment.

If old graphic tees and mom jeans aren’t your aesthetic, I feel that. You don’t have to give up on your street style dreams. There are so many consignment stores in your city filled with lightly worn goods that would make your brunch selfie game next level. Well made blazers, leather jackets, and more classic pieces are easy finds at many consignment stores. And because its 2017, the online consignment game is strong. If you are wanting higher end or designer goods, check out The Real Real and Lab Consignment. You will not be disappointed.



  • Clothing Swaps.

Growing up in a household of 4 girls, my wardrobe was a constant clothing swap, which was my literal heaven. Then I moved away from home and along with the crippling sadness of not being around my favorite people, I was forced to function with the clothing of one wardrobe. But that is the beauty of having lots of friends because any group hang can be made into a clothing swap. Invite some friends over, It can be BYOB and BYOC. You would be surprised how many things you might hate in your closet that some other queen in your friend group has been dying to buy. At the end of the night, any unwanted pieces can be donated!


  1. Embellish Old Shit

By Embellish, I do not mean bedazzle. Although it’s 2017 and i’m pretty sure anything goes. I am referring to screenprinting and embroidery embellishments. Brunette The Label has almost single handedly made a simple black sweatshirt with white writing the most instagrammable outfit of the past year. I never thought so many people would pay $80 for a sweatshirt stating their hair color but alas that shit is popular.  And we can’t forget about the iconic “KALE” sweatshirt from Beyonce’s “7/11” music video, and if you don’t get that reference, stop reading this right now and go watch it. Take that old sweatshirt to a screen printing shop and get literally any word or phrase printed on it, better yet, toss a # in front of it and you are now part of the modern fashion world (#YASQUEEN). Embroidered patches are no longer exclusively reserved for girl scout troops, so go find yourself a cool patch (etsy has tons) or make one yourself. Iron that bad boy onto an old t-shirt, denim jacket or flannel and prepare for the compliments.


I hope you feel a little better after reading this and you now realize that avoiding fast fashion does not limit you to a wardrobe that makes you look like a walking potato. Incorporating any of these suggestions into your shopping habits will help with all of the things I ranted about in Part 1 of this series. And at the very least will free up some extra cash for you. With that, I need to return to my embroidery, because I have finally found a hobby that combines my love for emoji’s with my 85 year old soul and doesn’t involve a Real Housewives franchise.


Written by Stevie J.

F*ck Fast Fashion Series: Part 1, Scared Straight.

Fast fashion. It’s been a popular buzz-phrase in 2016, much like ‘millennial’, ‘ghosting’ or ‘Trump.’ Well, what is it? Fast Fashion is a term that refers to the fast AF process of fashion retailers getting trends onto the market as quickly as possible. Like this year for example, suede chokers, embroidered bomber jackets and over the knee boots seemed to pop up everywhere overnight, appearing with the same aggressive swiftness as a new snapchat filter that you didn’t even know existed until four of your friends are sending you snaps as Pugs.

For most people, fast fashion makes up the entirety of their wardrobe. We have been become accustomed to buying these items without stopping to think or even question the path in which it takes to get them into our hands. The wastefulness of this industry should be obvious, even to the most avid trend chaser, but there are several hidden issues as well. Issues including: the environmental impacts, labour abuses and not to mention the slow erosion of our soul and self worth (sorry, too dramatic?)

To start things off, I am just going to give you some disturbing facts à la scared straight.

  • A typical pair of jeans requires 7,000 litres of water to produce. That is ten times the amount of water the average person drinks in A YEAR! Your fave pair of jeans is #THIRSTY.
  • Fast Fashion is the world’s second largest polluter, second to the oil industry.
  • The world consumes 400% more pieces of clothing than 20 years ago. We are eating up those trends like hungry little hippos.
  • On average, most articles of clothing are worn 7 times before being thrown out.That number is high in my opinion. Seriously, how many times did you wear that sequin NYE dress? Yeah that’s what I thought.
  • The majority of workers in this industry are women making less than $3 a day. Less than what I pay for coffee. Like $2 less.
    Our consumption is increasing, but overall the wages of garment workers is decreasing.

If any of you were brave enough to watch The True Cost, a documentary about the ethics surrounding fashion these facts will come as no surprise. And to all of you operating under the “ignorance is bliss” framework when it comes to this category, stop being an asshole. It’s 2016 and ignorance ain’t cool, ya feel me?

So now that I have you super sad and confused, I am going to leave you to reflect on your decisions. Like a bad first date, or a level 10 hangover. But DON’T FRET, I am not ghosting (HA! buzzword). In this series I will be providing some glimmer of hope in what you can do to throw that middle finger up to fast fashion (lemonade style). Stay tuned for part two of #FuckFastFashion

Unrelated note: Stevie, spend less on coffee.




Written by Tribe member: Stevie J.