The Courageous Women

There are some very heavy and hard topics, events, situations in media right now that have me down right feeling low. What about humanity? What about loving strangers? What about simple everyday manners?

If you’re feeling anything like this, know that you’re not alone. My message to you is surround yourself with love, light & faith and be ready to get courageous.

Others need you to show your love as much as you need theirs, but it starts with you. It starts with loving yourself right up and letting that love shine out!

Taking risks usual go hand-in-hand with being courageous and I invite you to make them as extravagant as you wish!

For some, just expressing love to others daily, might be all the risk you’re up for this month.


And that is A-OK.


Here are a few ways you can make those loving daily moves in order to spread the light this world needs:


  • Keep your dear friends close. Plan that extra coffee date or organize the extra family supper, join that yoga or wellness class.


  • You come first. For some, taking time for ourselves might mean changing our routine by adding in an extra element up-level your self-care such as… finally giving yourself that lavender salt bath, budgeting in that extra massage, starting nightly meditations.  


  • Keep your social media scrolling filled of positive vibes by simply following people & brands you truly resonate with and who seem authentic to you, don’t be afraid to delete who’s is no longer serving you. Remember: positive vibes only.


  • Journal it out. It can be downright frightening to know what really is going on inside our minds… but shine that love through self-compassion by giving yourself the attention your thoughts deserve.


A courageous woman knows and listens to herself. She honours her own energy and takes care of herself in order to flood the world with her love. Spread your love and support your beloveds around you by courageously choosing where your energy deserves to flow.

Breathe deeply & live loudly,
Ox Carolina

It’s a Date! The non-negotiable for a healthy holiday season

“Life does not happen to us, it happens from us.” ―Michael Wickett

It’s all about the date.
…with me, myself and I, of course.
I’ll let you in on this little ritual.
With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season setting in, a self date is just necessary. I put aside a date with myself, usually on a Friday night or a weekend morning, to go through a “mini-self retreat” as I take a deep look at three major entities in my life: the body, the mind & the soul.
Even if this seems a little far fetched… hear me out and I’m certain you’ll get something out of this!
Set out a non-negotiable date with yourself. Pencil it… wait, actually PEN it into your agenda, phone calendar, etc. and do whatever necessary to make sure you stick to this time so you can avoid rescheduling this hot date in fear of it being forgotten!
Set yourself up with a nice glass of wine or hot tea and bring out your journal, open a fresh word doc, have your agenda handy and get at it!

This starts with taking a good look at how aligned you feel with your life’s purpose, your dharma as it’s called in Sanskrit. Write down what goals you want to accomplish from now until the end of February. Three months in advance seems to be the sweet spot to set myself up with realistic goals that take into consideration the holiday time that I will need off to spend quality time with family.
Order your goals into priority of what week they could best get accomplished. I physically write them out in my agenda so I can see where I’m at as the weeks go by. I suggest reading my post for in depth goal crushing strategy to really tackle any goals that may be giving your grief!
This goal setting review is crucial to the process because by committing to your goals, your mind can be at ease as you are ready to actually check them off as you go! Knowing this is all written down and already visualized, your mind will no longer need to be mulling these thoughts over and over causing unnecessary anxiety.
How does your body feel?
Is there anything your want add or subtract from your eating habits?
Where is your self-care at?
Take an honest moment to check in with your answers to these questions so you can address what needs to be changed. Make those appointments on the spot or add them into your goals for the upcoming week to make sure they happen.
This is non-negotiable time for yourself because for you to be doing your work in the world, you’re going to have to make sure your taking care of that beautiful body of yours!
At this point I usually go in to my gym calendar and book the next three months of yoga classes, strength building and cardio times. This way, those classes are booked, I’ve add them to my agenda, and it’s one reason more that I will be get my butt to those classes, during the inner battle of bed vs. workout!
I like to choose one thing in my eating habits to focus for a month so I can make sure it becomes well, a habit! I try to keep it simple and straight forward so it’s easy to remember on a daily basis!
My personal eating habit change for the month of December is getting more exotic fruits into my diet. Harder to find and a little on the pricy side, but I’m aiming to keep me aware of the how much fruit I am or am not consuming daily!
It’s all about non-judgemental awareness!
At the end of this process of writing goals, reflecting on the hard questions and knowing where you want to see yourself in two-three months from now, you deserve to give yourself a a few silent moments of gratitude for the work you’ve just done. This also is a time to hold space for any fears, insecurities, doubts as well as excitements, clarities and sensations of reliefs that has arose from this process.
This is where you take time, perhaps in a meditative form, to just sit and thank yourself for honouring your body mind and soul up to this point and for your ability to continuously create your healthy and happy lifestyle.
By making this date with yourself your opening opportunities of self-growth and you’ll gain more from the holidays knowing your on the track to getting what you need accomplished and keeping yourself healthy during it all!
I’d love to know how you set yourself up for a healthy & sustaining lifestyle during the holiday season! Leave a comment below!




Love & Light,




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