Loving Your Guts

Potions, Elixirs, Superfoods, Powders….How do you choose what is best for my life?

These powders are concentrated earth elements that gift the body nourishment, balance, and harmony. With everything in wellness; it is always best to check in with a health practitioner (ie. doctor) before taking a potent dose of these gems. We are all uniquely made up and sometimes one item won’t jive with you, in this moment, on your health journey.

It is very easy to add in 6+ powders to your morning smoothie and still not achieve what your heart is searching for.

I suggest, pause. 

Really feel into what you are about to ingest. There are countless moments in our life where we have relied on someone else’s opinion for our health. It is time for you to reclaim your body and listen.

All of the answers are within.


The Gut Lab; I adore you.

The Style Lab; I adore you.


You have gifted me a heart centered potion that gently allows the body to shift and adjust. I thank you.

After working with both Love and Her for the past month. I went back for more, hehehe! You may have seen in my morning #instagramstories how much I love adding these powders into my coconut elixirs, smoothies, oat bowl, etc….

A little bit more about the two products that I take with me everywhere now!

LOVE POTION : how can you say no? more love (and cacao) in your life- yes please! 

Ingredients: raw cacao, damiana, maca, ashwagandha, true cinnamon, schisandra berry, love.

A mix of all of my favourites. There isn’t a day that goes by without cacao around. Paired with the divine root maca that deepens the balancing of hormones all while increasing stamina. A touch of ashwagandha and schisandra berry some extra love to the adrenals. This potion is packed full of antioxidants, stress reducing properties, magnesium, stabilize blood sugar levels (yay- energy!), improves liver function, and lowers inflammation.

check. check. check.

The ladies The Gut Lab refer to HER as a girls best friend but I reckon this one is mine! (learn more about hormone balancing this coming week in our free live training series)



HER Potion: The Rising Female!

Ingredients: nettle leaf, shatavari root, rose hip, licorice root, true cinnamon, schisandra berry, love.

Lets dive in! I work with women, their hormones, their relationship with themselves, and how to truly step into their power (in life and business). Women; you are a creator!

It is time for you to harness that space and live within flow. I can’t count how many items are either placed within, taken, or applied on that disrupt our endocrine system.

Lets go into each element deeper:

Nettle leaf gently rids the body of excess hormones and toxins that are lingering while shatavari balances all three doshas (Ayurveda medicine) making this a overall balancer.

Added cinnamon that contains chromium to stabilize blood sugars and also helps with low blood pressure.

Fun Fact: If we, as women, don’t stabilize our blood sugars regularly this can create massive PMS symptoms. Try starting your morning off with greens, protein, and little to no sugars (no donuts here hehe). Your energy will be more sustained and within a couple months your PMS symptoms, if you experience any, will subside.

Rose hip is the fruit of a rose. This fruit is high in vitamin C, a natural diuretic, regenerates new skin cells, vitamin A “the skin vitamin’, full of anti-oxidants, and reduces inflammation.  While Schisandra will be working away at nourishing those adrenals that have been overworked for way too long.

Tummy pains; licorice root is a tummy soother that repairs and restores stomach lining. Again works with reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system. It is said to help with respiratory imbalances and promotes healthy levels of cortisol production. Topically licorice can be used to treat eczema and tooth aches. Naturally this root is sweet without the sugars a perfect way to curb that sweet tooth. When I am not sipping on HER I enjoy #yogiteas licorice mint tea.

Licorice is the one earth element that I wouldn’t suggest taking consistently. Talk with your health care practitioner about dosage and if this earth element is beneficial for you. There are some precautions to become aware of before taking this lovely root.



With all plant medicines and anything taken in a higher dose it is always a good idea to check in with yourself and a health care practitioner to be sure they are beneficial for your divine temple. Truly, plant medicine can be very potent and with the intention of doing well it can send the body into an imbalance. My suggestion is to do your research, read, read, read, and then feel into your body. You will know the answer and if you are a touch confused reach out to a health care practitioner that will give you some guidance.



**** The Signature Style Lab Candle (in the photo above) is out of this world ****

Our gut is the foundation of our life. Everything we put into or onto our body becomes us. Treat your body and spirit with so much respect and it will serve you forever. With a strong core ‘foundation’ our energy and health will be vibrant.

Now, I am going to sip on my Her potion while I light a candle and begin my ritual.

I thank you for reading and connecting in.

Thank you The Style Lab and The Gut Lab. You are shape shifters and I am honoured our paths have woven together.

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With so much love,