Loving Your Guts

Potions, Elixirs, Superfoods, Powders….How do you choose what is best for my life?

These powders are concentrated earth elements that gift the body nourishment, balance, and harmony. With everything in wellness; it is always best to check in with a health practitioner (ie. doctor) before taking a potent dose of these gems. We are all uniquely made up and sometimes one item won’t jive with you, in this moment, on your health journey.

It is very easy to add in 6+ powders to your morning smoothie and still not achieve what your heart is searching for.

I suggest, pause. 

Really feel into what you are about to ingest. There are countless moments in our life where we have relied on someone else’s opinion for our health. It is time for you to reclaim your body and listen.

All of the answers are within.


The Gut Lab; I adore you.

The Style Lab; I adore you.


You have gifted me a heart centered potion that gently allows the body to shift and adjust. I thank you.

After working with both Love and Her for the past month. I went back for more, hehehe! You may have seen in my morning #instagramstories how much I love adding these powders into my coconut elixirs, smoothies, oat bowl, etc….

A little bit more about the two products that I take with me everywhere now!

LOVE POTION : how can you say no? more love (and cacao) in your life- yes please! 

Ingredients: raw cacao, damiana, maca, ashwagandha, true cinnamon, schisandra berry, love.

A mix of all of my favourites. There isn’t a day that goes by without cacao around. Paired with the divine root maca that deepens the balancing of hormones all while increasing stamina. A touch of ashwagandha and schisandra berry some extra love to the adrenals. This potion is packed full of antioxidants, stress reducing properties, magnesium, stabilize blood sugar levels (yay- energy!), improves liver function, and lowers inflammation.

check. check. check.

The ladies The Gut Lab refer to HER as a girls best friend but I reckon this one is mine! (learn more about hormone balancing this coming week in our free live training series)



HER Potion: The Rising Female!

Ingredients: nettle leaf, shatavari root, rose hip, licorice root, true cinnamon, schisandra berry, love.

Lets dive in! I work with women, their hormones, their relationship with themselves, and how to truly step into their power (in life and business). Women; you are a creator!

It is time for you to harness that space and live within flow. I can’t count how many items are either placed within, taken, or applied on that disrupt our endocrine system.

Lets go into each element deeper:

Nettle leaf gently rids the body of excess hormones and toxins that are lingering while shatavari balances all three doshas (Ayurveda medicine) making this a overall balancer.

Added cinnamon that contains chromium to stabilize blood sugars and also helps with low blood pressure.

Fun Fact: If we, as women, don’t stabilize our blood sugars regularly this can create massive PMS symptoms. Try starting your morning off with greens, protein, and little to no sugars (no donuts here hehe). Your energy will be more sustained and within a couple months your PMS symptoms, if you experience any, will subside.

Rose hip is the fruit of a rose. This fruit is high in vitamin C, a natural diuretic, regenerates new skin cells, vitamin A “the skin vitamin’, full of anti-oxidants, and reduces inflammation.  While Schisandra will be working away at nourishing those adrenals that have been overworked for way too long.

Tummy pains; licorice root is a tummy soother that repairs and restores stomach lining. Again works with reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system. It is said to help with respiratory imbalances and promotes healthy levels of cortisol production. Topically licorice can be used to treat eczema and tooth aches. Naturally this root is sweet without the sugars a perfect way to curb that sweet tooth. When I am not sipping on HER I enjoy #yogiteas licorice mint tea.

Licorice is the one earth element that I wouldn’t suggest taking consistently. Talk with your health care practitioner about dosage and if this earth element is beneficial for you. There are some precautions to become aware of before taking this lovely root.



With all plant medicines and anything taken in a higher dose it is always a good idea to check in with yourself and a health care practitioner to be sure they are beneficial for your divine temple. Truly, plant medicine can be very potent and with the intention of doing well it can send the body into an imbalance. My suggestion is to do your research, read, read, read, and then feel into your body. You will know the answer and if you are a touch confused reach out to a health care practitioner that will give you some guidance.



**** The Signature Style Lab Candle (in the photo above) is out of this world ****

Our gut is the foundation of our life. Everything we put into or onto our body becomes us. Treat your body and spirit with so much respect and it will serve you forever. With a strong core ‘foundation’ our energy and health will be vibrant.

Now, I am going to sip on my Her potion while I light a candle and begin my ritual.

I thank you for reading and connecting in.

Thank you The Style Lab and The Gut Lab. You are shape shifters and I am honoured our paths have woven together.

Looking for potions or elixirs from The Gut Lab? Head over to The Style Lab on 2455 Broad St here in Regina. 

Lab Hours:





With so much love, 


It Begins with YOU.


And here I am, like many others, writing a blog post regarding happiness abroad. But it happens. You feel it. Happiness starts with a healthy kind mindset; it truly is something that is cultivated every day. It doesn’t just show up. We can’t buy it at the shop. And definitely won’t feel it if  we keep looking at the hardships in life.

A few titles I have seen on my social media:

“I truly felt happiness after _____. ”

“After travelling for _ years I found myself. ”


When you are put in a place where everything is new and unknown it really starts to shake you at the core. It really wakes a person up.

So, why do people claim to find happiness abroad? Perhaps this happens because we don’t have the day to day stresses of our regular life back home. When we are travelling its all about travelling and being present. Nothing more. Or, maybe we have a realization how numb we have been in our life back home. I have created a list of the top 5 lessons I have learnt that brought me more happiness and gratitude today.


5 Lessons I Learnt Abroad:

    When I travel to a place (outside a resort) I really feel both sides of everything. And I am not talking a gentle feeling of it. It will usually bubble up all at once together. Intertwined. I begin to see the ego (resistance) and spirit (unconditional love). In other words I recognized my strengths and areas of myself that may need a little more attention. But with every decision, every thought, every moment there is a choice. Even in the darkest moments there is light.
    Its not about the clothes I wear. Its not about what hair product I use. It is not about what backpack I have. Its about my soul. Its about my smile. It is about how welcoming I am. I remember the first trip I made when I was fresh out of high school and grew up in a small town. I was so used to everyone knowing me and I had a close group of friends that I could lean on. Well…. I hopped on a plane to jump abroad where no one knew me. Relationships take time to grow. But if I kept a closed door when travelling there is no room for someone to get to know me or grow a relationship. I was quiet the first trip because I didn’t want to be judged and I didn’t know how to really begin a friendship. I was shy yet I felt like I could be anyone. I started to break down the walls I had built when I was teen and became very vulnerable.Friend, if you are about to take your first trip abroad wear your soul. BE YOU. Let your light shine and your globe tribe will come. You will met so many more people than you would if you kept to yourself. One awesome way is to sit at community tables and introduce yourself to everyone! Two ways I introduce myself or ‘break the ice’ is: asking them how they are (truly) doing or I find something I love about them and express it. Be curious like you were as a kid. And be yourself. Don’t be shy- the universe will always and forever support you. 
    It is easy to get lost on one side of the spectrum. I love being quiet and meditative and I also love to be wild and untamed. This is part of the beauty in having a human experience. We are able to experience both sides but don’t get lost friend. It can be exhausting living on one side of the spectrum for too long and you can also miss out on something profound waiting on the other side. Keep yourself in rhythm of how you feel day to day. Find the balance of inwardness and outwardness. Find the balance that makes you thrive. It may take awhile to shed back what is needed to live in divine flow- but it can happen. It will happen and will be the most rewarding.
    Nothing is permanent. Period. Stop trying to figure it out. Stop trying to control the outcome. Stop obsessing over material objects. It all doesn’t matter. Our life isn’t even permanent so go outside and get your feet dirty. Eat too much chocolate. Laugh so hard until your belly hurts. Go next door and offer your neighbour some tea- heck even a beer. Get connected.Your house will be fine one more day if you don’t clean it. It really is okay. Go enjoy your day and stop stressing over all of these ‘tasks’ you need to finish. Your experience, today, is the most important.
    My thoughts, opinions, and wisdom matters. It is time for us all as a collective to RISE THE F UP. There has been too many years where I kept quiet for so many reasons. This was a whole new area for me even though many people know I love to talk. Having conversations and teaching is my jam. But for so long, after a lot of childhood teasing, I became more and more quiet. Stuffing everything down so far that is caused more harm than good.Speak up love. Share the beautiful words that roll off your tongue. Share your personal journey to your journal, your friends, your community, online, and anywhere your heart desires. Of course with a loving intention that does not harm others or self.A great practice I have started to incorporate into my daily drive is singing. I am not a singer by no means. I have never taken classes and was so shy even though I remember we had a girl singing group in elementary school. Yes, we would sing at recess hehehe. It feels so damn good to sing our hearts out whether alone in your car or publically. There are over 80 meridians on the top of our tongue that are connected to your glandular system. They are stimulated when you use your voice. How healing is that!

The five lessons above have been the most educational moments in my life that have cultivated more happiness. There truly are so many reasons why people claim to find themselves or happiness abroad. This also doesn’t mean you need to pack your bag and book a plane ticket to find it either. It is a mindset and a choice to find beauty in the vastness of the world and to feel happiness. The more you think and feel happiness the more comes your way. Again, its all a perception. Become real with yourself and become curious with the richness of this world. I know you have felt it before and maybe your path has taken a bit of a detour but you can feel it again.

It begins with YOU




7 Self Love Holiday Gifts

December has began and we are always on a hunt for like-minded individuals that are offering nourishing, wholesome, conscious items. Instead of doing a traditional list of items for others we have gathered a list of gifts for yourself. Sister, its time to love yourself even more. The season is often marketed about giving gifts to others; but we want to remind our Tribe that it is just as important (if not more) to give yourself extra love. The day planners just might be filling up with events for family, friends, and work; leaving you with little to no time for yourself. Carving out space to spend more time on the moments you love is the BEST gift you can give yourself. Gifts don’t need to be given in a physical form as an item; they can be given to you in small moments throughout the day. Maybe some quite space with a hot cuppa before you start your day? Or maybe even an extra dose of self loving meditations to ease up the stresses of the holiday businesses? Make it be a priority in your day to say yes to LOVE.

SELF LOVE MOMENT: Schedule in YOU time into your month to allow space to nourish yourself. 

We have scheduled in some extra self-loving moments and now it is time to share our favourite items to gift yourself

  1. Mastering Your Mean Girl Book by Melissa Ambrosini : This book has transformed my self talk/self love. We all have a inner voice that doesn’t serve our highest self and Melissa writes so beautifully on how to master this voice by choosing love over fear. She is an absolute gem and I am forever grateful for this book and how self love is the outmost important thing we can do daily. This is the book of 2017, I feel it. We need a whole lot more self love.



2. Clary Calm from Doterra : Essential oils are 80 times more potent than the dry herb. With all of the hormone disruptors we encounter everyday this blend is nourishing, balancing, and soothing to the womb space. The essential oils that it includes are: clary sage, lavender, bergamot, roman chamomile, cedar wood, ylang ylang, geranium, fennel, carrot seed, palmarosa, and vitex.


Clary Calm Purchase

3.  The Soap Trio by Herbivore Botanicals: I love these soaps and the brand. They use the finest all-natural ingredients that are plant-based, organic, and food-grade leaving the skin very happy. They do not test on animals and all ingredients are added for a therapeutic reason. The pack includes Blue clay, Pink clay, and Black charcoal.


Nourish my Skin: purchase here

4.  Green Dream Superfood Bundle by Philosophie: Giving your body an extra boost of greens to keep your body thriving throughout the busy month. The holidays are often an indulgent time with all of the lovely baking and events that we don’t want to miss out on our greens. Add these items into smoothies, curries, morning oats, and baked goods.


Dreaming Green? Purchase Here

5. Following your Intuition Mala by Mala Collective: 108 sacred beads from Bali that are woven together to make a mala. This mala is to listen to the inner voice that doesn’t use words.  The soft pink correlates with the heart chakra.


Intuition Mala

 6.  Cast Iron Tea Pot Set by Mountain Rose Herbs: Imagine waking up boiling yourself a pot of water and enjoying a cuppa. This pot and cup set is a beautiful turquoise with a gold design setting up for a beautiful tea experience.

screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-9-49-15-pmTea Experience Set

7. Kundalini Gown by Myrah Penaloza: this gown makes you feel like a princess. The white hand stitched gown has pockets for you little gems to sit in and beautiful buttons that feel like shells of the beach. It is a beautiful addition to your morning mediations, women gatherings, yoga, and daily ritual sits. screen_shot_2016-04-12_at_11-05-47_pm

Evoke the Kundalini Spirit: Order here

We start our self love journey by gifting ourselves extra moments within our day of nourishment and laughter. These items above are all created by beautiful artisans that are evolving the world to a better more sustainable, vibrant earth. All of these items above are items that align with Eating Intuitively’s philospohy on purchasing good. Gifts for yourself or a loved one that holds a greater consciousness than mass produced items that drain our earth of its resources. When buying items whether for the holidays or not ask yourself “Where might this be coming from?” . When we strive to support local and conscious businesses we start to change the world.

Happy Holidays,


All photos are directly from their beautiful websites that have an abundance of other goodies that we love. By clicking the link below you will be taken right to their sacred online space.

3 Ways to Ease the Shifts of this Chapter (2016)



I have been seeing a lot of posts regarding this year and how it has been the most challenging year of many people lives; and I definitely can toast to that. There has been a lot that has happened and the magnitude of it wasn’t always pleasant but… life never gives you anything you aren’t able to handle. We are meant to experience everything we have this far. It is here for a reason and you don’t always need to know ‘the why’. With everything that has happened this year I choose to handle it with love and compassion. If you are experiencing a rough year or a year that has really uprooted a lot of old patterns; here are three ways to give yourself some freedom and light from the situation.


  1. Take extra time everyday to slow down. REALLY SLOW DOWN. I don’t mean come home early and watch an extra show or two. I literally mean put on the brakes. Free your schedule, have an extra long bath, read a little longer, cook food with no rush, and sit in stillness. Our nervous system will respond so well to slowing down. As we move through different experiences they can become stressful on the system and this only causes us to feel even more bogged down and tired.
  2. Give yourself some gratitude. What have you loved harder? What moments of laughter have you had? When was the last time you did feel grounded and happy? Take those moments and blow them up in your mind. Let them shine there and give yourself some gratitude. Life may have been chaotic but there was still beauty around. Even the ‘darkness’ is going to transcend into beauty if you allow it too. Yes, life may have felt the hardest this year. But it really is preparing you for all of the incredible experiences you are about to experience. So, right here. Right now. Tell yourself, “the good times this year out-weigh the chaos.”. Give yourself a huge freaking hug. You made it. No matter if you disagree. You have a heartbeat and your breath.
  1. STOP listening to the small voice in your head. “why me?” “I don’t deserve this.” “I do deserve this” “I can’t handle anymore.” “Pour me” “I feel so bad for myself.”….. The voice is there and it needs to quiet down. Your highest self does not run off this frequency. You are the light. We can start stories in our head about why it is happening or why things aren’t happening. But at the end of the day this voice isn’t going to serve you. Catch yourself when this voice comes into your head. Allow it to be there but let those thoughts go. Don’t get hung up on them. They create illusions and more chaos that will only make us feel even worse. Next time a little thought comes into your mind that you know doesn’t bring joy and happiness. Leave it. Fill your room and mirrors with affirmations that are the opposite. These affirmations hold a greater frequency that will bring more ease and peace into your day. Stare at yourself and say them outloud. No matter how silly or odd you feel. DO IT! soon enough you will feel these words in your body.


Truly life is BEAUTIFUL no matter how painful it may seem. This ‘pain’ can be transformed into something much lighter if we learn to handle it in a different way. As we learn to slow down, feel more gratitude, and stop listening to the small voice we see and feel the bigger picture. We connect to our deepest self as we learn to grow from what life gives us. It may not feel great in the moment but it ”too shall pass”. As cliche as that may sound; it really does with time.







Photo cred: Pinterest (unknown source)

Chocolate is a Fruit.

Botanical name: Theobroma Cacao

Well… It comes from a fruit. This fruiting tree which is wildly popular around the globe produces a beautiful fruit that is made into cacao or cocoa. We will go into the detail of the difference later on. Once picked, dried, and fermented there are two components of the fruit we eat: cacao powder and cacao butter. Both extremely nourishing yet super delicious when made into what we love: chocolate.

Cacao is the rawest state that hasn’t been heated or treated with anything. You may remember reaching into your grannies cupboard for the cocoa to make a hot cup of hot chocolate in the colder months. Cocoa comes from the same plant although it has been treated. This denatures all of the healing and healthy benefits of the plant. That is why I recommend purchasing your ‘’chocolate’’ in its purest form: cacao. Listed below are a few health raw cacao gifts to us.

Benefits of cacao, but not limited too:
1. super source of antioxidants. Nearly 4 times the antioxidants than the store bought chocolate brands
2. contains a good dose of magnesium (yes ladies this is wonderful to ease menstrual cramping)
3. lots of fibre to ensure our bowels are working at their optimal function
4. trace minerals to support our bodies daily functions
5. aphrodisiac properties
6. essential fatty acids to support brain and hormonal function
7. raises your serotonin levels giving you a sense of relaxation, happiness, and calmness

While all of these benefits are fantastic the truest gift about cacao is the heart opening ability is holds. Two people recently came into my life to share the extensive benefits of this divine fruit. They have gifted me with so much joy, inspiration, and knowledge of this fruit and the subtleties this fruit can provide. We recently hosted an Uncooking Class at Glow Juicery that was name: Chocolate is the topic.


Our night started with a mini Cacao Ceremony lead by Kyle to open our creative minds and centre our hearts. After the ceremony Jillian and I constructed a Double Chocolate Bliss Cake (recipe below) and shared the nutritional benefits and how simple it is to make nutrient dense cake that doesn’t give you a sugar hangover the following day. When I was leaving the night my heart was beaming (and still is) with so much love for these two people that came into my life and everyone that joined us that evening. We had an incredible turn out and will be hosting more chocolate infused nights very soon. You will have to keep checking our Events page and on Eating Intuitively’s social media for dates.



Double Chocolate Bliss Cake
Creators: Brittany Reid, Jillian Jordan, and Kyle Jordan
Makes 24 slices

A sweet heart centered raw cake that nourishes the soul with silky mouse chocolate ‘cheese’cake filling and a graham style crust that is infused with ceremonial cacao.

Kitchen Equipment:
– Food Processor
– Blender
– Mixing bowl
– Spatula/tamper
– Measuring cups and spoon
– Spring form pan (12 inch)
– Parchment paper

– 28 medjool dates
– 1 cup coconut shreds (unsweetened)
– 1 cup almond Meal
– 2 tsp vanilla bean powder
– good size pinch of sea salt
– 2 tbsp. coconut oil (melted)
– 1/2 cup ceremonial cacao powder

“Cheese”cake Filling:
– 1/2 cup agave nectar or maple
– 1/2 cup coconut oil
– 3/4 cup lemon juice (freshly pressed)
– 3 tbsp. cacao butter (melted)
– 2 tbsp. coconut butter (softened)
– 2 cups almond mylk (room temperature)

– 4 cups raw cashews (soaked for 2 hours and rinsed)
– 1/2 cup cacao powder
– 1/2 cup ceremonial cacao powder
– 2 tsp. mega mushroom blend (New Earth Organic)
– 1 tsp. maca powder
– good size pinch of salt
– 1 tbsp. vanilla bean

Any ingredients you feel drawn to for decoration

1. Start soaking your cashews (2 hours) and review items that need to be melted or made into a powder (ceremonial cacao). Line your pan with parchment paper.
2. In food processor, combine all ingredients and blend into a fine consistency. Once the mixture is blended finely and is sticky remove from the processor and press into a cake pan. *** you will still want it to have some texture.
3. Rinse the cashews and start adding all liquid ingredients first then the dry ingredients into the blender. Tip: start by adding the liquid first and then the powders/solids.
4. Once you have added all ingredients, blend on a high speed to create a creamy consistency. You may need to use a tamper to help blend as it is very thick. If you don’t have a tamper simply stop the blender and use a spatula, scraping down the sides.
5. Pour the mixture from the blender into the cake pan over the crust.
6. Set in the freezer overnight to solidify.
7. Decorate with any ingredient that is in your pantry that you are drawn too. We have added ceremonial cacao shavings, coconut shreds, and cacao nibs.

Vegan, 100% nourishing, Gluten Free, Artificial Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free


Lots of sweet chocolatey love being sent your way.

If you try out this recipe please tag @eatingintuitively in your photos and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Please check out: and to learn more about the celebration of the nourisher, Cacao.



Photo Cred: Jillian and Brittany

Reclaim Your Inner Wisdom Retreat

Interested in a night away? looking to get re-grounded and re-focussed? aligned with your heart and soul?

Come join myself and Dr. Julie Zepp Inspired Health for a retreat.

Ancient Spirals Retreat is located just south of Saskatoon. You will have access to two walking labyrinths – a spiral chakra and a circular one, scenic hiking trails in the rolling hills to the beautiful Saskatchewan river, an outside seating area, clean and comfortable sleeping areas inside the beautiful lodge, or for the more adventurous the opportunity to sleep under the stars in one of their tipis.

This powerful space will be our home for 25 hours of connection, community, wisdom teachings, sharing, yoga, clean healthy food, personal time and a whole lot of R&R and TLC.

The retreat starts on Saturday June 17th with check-in (with tea and small snack) at 9:30 am and wrap up by 11 am on Sunday June 18th.

Our itinerary will include workshops on self-compassion, mindful eating and conscious movement along with plenty of time for personal reflections and the opportunity to share in community.

We will spend time engaged in gentle movement, walking the trails and labyrinth and moving together for yoga. Ritual and ceremony will support our container.

Your personal investment is $215+tax if you register before or on June 1st.
After June 1st the investment increases to $275+tax.

Price includes:
Overnight Stay
All meals, snacks, and beverages
All workshops and yoga classes

Take home Reclaim Your Inner Wisdom Booklet and ritual gift.
We are so honored to share this offering with you and we look forward to walking this path together, supporting you as you Reclaim your Inner Wisdom.

Contact or to register or ask any questions