Passionate Talks Episode 1: Transcending Thyself

I recently shared a delicious raw Taco Night with a few dear friends here in Saskatchewan. We gathered in the kitchen all taking a taco station and ended up creating a beautiful spread to share over a long table filled with candles and wine glasses of kombucha. We bless our food out loud (I am very used to quietly blessing my food incognito, I may write a post about this) and then enjoy the nutrients Mother Nature have gifted us through fruits and vegetables. After sharing our meal we clean up and loose ourselves in conversation about various topics. This night was different though…We journeyed back, sharing, the layers of each of ourselves.



During this dinner… we sat around and looked at our past together through pictures, conversation, and videos. With no judgement but pure curiosity of our transcending being. Each layer of ourselves moving into the next shaping who we are today. I couldn’t help but think how incredibly vast we are as humans. Its freaking beautiful that we are able to choose to expand ourselves everyday. Fall deeply in love with an interest and than move upward to the next. The only commonality is the curiosity of the divine self.

We grow up with a distinct personality as a kid, our true essence. The only aspect that changes is how we are brought up and the external influences (society, media, etc…). This, to me, is the most fascinating part about kids. They express their emotions, desires, interests, and say it how it is. There is no sugar coating with these gems. Then growth happens with the external part of the world and we start to experience. We learn and try new topics that interest us; maybe from a past life, for a day, or maybe for a lifetime. As we experience we learn about ourselves. We experience more and subconsciously we start to journey through all of the layers of ourselves. From a perspective view we could look differently, talk differently, and act differently; during this time of our lives. Within these chapters of ourselves we still attain the true essence of ourselves; its just coming through in different ways.

I used to be ashamed of all of my mini lives. I used to keep them hidden from new people I met. I am not like that anymore because I vowed to myself to love wholeheartedly. Giving compassion to my past, present, and future. I love the journey I have been though. I may not be so proud of certain moments but I forgive myself and have learnt. Like the quote: The first time is a mistake the second time is a choice. Life can give you twists and turns to see how much you are aligned with your core. No matter what mini life I am journeying through I vow to move through these journeys aligned with love and curiosity.

We move upward to peel back the layers that no longer serve this life to seek more purity of spirit.
We explore the depths of our being because we are curious.
We fall more deeply and passionately in love with ourselves as we peel back these layers.
We learn new modalities to expand our own consciousness.
We transcend into the next self that is closer to our child self. The curious one with a mind full of creativity and love.

Be curious and strive to be the best version of yourself each and everyday. Yes there are hiccups and phases in our life. But learn from them and let them dissipate back into the earth. Let thyself learn and explore to clear the path to the divine child essence.

Be authentic and love every inch of you; because you are DAMN beautiful and authencity is magnetic.


Cheers to one of the many photos that was shared of a mini life (full Facebook timeline was shared haha): the summer dancing cheetah red solo cup version…



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