Welcome to our community page. I’m very excited to have this page to use as a portal for all things near and dear to myself and the tribe. Community is incredibly important; without it, we suffer. Community is what brings us together as one entity that can help, love, live, thrive, and grow.

This page contains the photographs and bios of writers that contribute to Eating Intuitively’s blog. If you’d like to be a contributor, please contact me for more info. Not interested? That’s okay! You can still be part of the tribe by subscribing to our monthly newsletters and staying in the loop.

Stay well!


Brittany Reid is a plant-based nutritionist, raw foods chef, certified yoga instructor, writer and speaker with wanderlust. She spends her time traveling between Regina, SK and Vancouver, BC (among other places), and meets and collects tribe members along her way. You can contact Brittany regarding her many services HERE.

Jennifer Browne


Jennifer Browne is a health and wellness writer, freelance editor, and blogger. She’s the author of 4 wellness books, including Happy Healthy Gut, Vegetarian Comfort Foods, The Good Living Guide to Medicinal Tea, and Baby Nosh. Jen is also the administrative coordinator for the Surrey International Writers’ Conference and acting director of Fresh + Fit Vancouver, a boutique content marketing and social media management firm in Vancouver, BC. Visit her personal website at jenniferbrowne.org.



Stevie’s hobbies include eating almond butter straight from the jar, going on bad Tinder dates, and watching reality television. Based on that list, you’re probably wondering what business I have writing about health and wellness. I am currently studying holistic nutrition in Vancouver, British Columbia with the goal of learning as much as I possibly can about how we can improve our lives starting with how we treat bodies and our minds. As much as I love a good real housewives marathon and one too many glasses of beer, I also think everyone should be trying to drink green smoothies, move their ass, and practice being mindful every once in awhile. In this space, I will be sharing my knowledge, experiences and maybe even some embarrassing stories in the hopes of making the lives of others just a little bit better!


Carolina Smith is a certified yoga teacher, meditation instructor and wellness coach who believes it is possible to live a harmonized and mindful life while embracing daily chaos. She is dedicated to sharing practices and strategies to manage life’s stresses during her classes, workshops and on her various social media hubs. As a true prairie girl at heart, she has a deep love for the outdoors, human connection and education. To learn more about her projects and free resources, you’re invited to check out her website here.


Shannon is from Vancouver Canada, and now calls the jungle of the Caribbean of Costa Rica home. She is a mama earth co-creator, the maker of heart art, + a lover of yoga, meditation + ceremony. She looks to the cycles of the sun, the moon, the earth, the stars, the medicine wheel + the chakras for wisdom + guidance. Check out her Human Crystal Journey online courses + the Magic Woman Journey offering leading up to Spring Equinox in Costa Rica www.sunmoonnation.com.


Former Social Work student turned Beauty blogger. You’ll find that my blog is not like a lot of the beauty blogs you see out there. I wanted to stand out. I wanted to talk about something that matters but still have fun in the process. Beauty Talks Beauty is a conversation blog, I created this space to celebrate everything under the beauty umbrella. Everything you see on my blog is how I try to live my life and to have the chance to put all of those things on one platform has been an enjoyable experience.So, stick around for some beauty, health, and style conversations….over a glass of wine of course. Click HERE to her blog.


Stacey practices and guides the benefits of complimentary therapies which connect the mind, body and spirit to promote both physical and mental well-being for all. Stacey’s adventurous wild soul travels the world hosting retreats, workshops, and training’s as well as continuing her own education/growth becoming a 500 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, and Spiritual Mentor. She is currently in Canada offering healing services, workshop’s, training’s, and retreat’s in Estevan, Saskatchewan her native land upgrading her company to Accepting the Divine as she grows in life and love with her twin flame, Johny Rey. Come hang out with us at www.acceptingthedivine.com/ or on our Facebook page.