Why work with a Nutritionist? …. A Holistic Nutritionist.

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Its Britt here. I am the creator of Eating Intuitively and have been passionate about well being since an early age. There was health imbalances and always a question lingering around me ‘why?’. This word, why, is a powerful word I see being used everyday by many people to seek for more. We ask why to learn, grow, and evolve. We, as a collect, are waking up to journeying through our own inwardness. A seed was planted within us to ask why. To wonder and explore the different areas of life and well being. This seed has gifted us the ability to explore more than what is told on media. So why work with a nutritionist? What is the purpose? What do we do? How does it look?



Lets look at food first. How many times are we programmed to think we need to eat? some would say 3, some would say 5, and I say when you are physically hungry. Mother Earth has provided an abundance of edibles to nourish us. These edibles come in all forms: plants (vegetables and fruit), nuts/seeds, legumes, grains, herbs, and other medicinal options.

Why do we eat?

  • We eat and need to eat food (nutrients within) that we can not intrinsically make.
  • We eat for pure connection with mother earth and our surroundings.
  • We eat gathered around a table for love and togetherness.
  • We eat, to receive the nutrients that are needed for our bodies to thrive.

On the contrary if we all ate the edibles Mother Earth provided, nourish the rhymes of our subtle bodies, and followed what spoke to our heart; would we even health care practitioners? No. I truly believe we all have the capability within ourselves to know exactly what is imbalanced and/or what needs more attention.

This is where I am come. See me as the navigator that is leading you finding the root cause of whatever imbalance you may be experiencing. I work with you directly on an individual level to unweave all of the confusion and or unconscious patterns. I am not an advocate of any particular eating regime except eating WHOLEFOODS as abundant on your plate as possible.

We start with food but we really go a lot deeper than that. There is a lot to be said about what we put in our mouth but without care to all other areas of our being we won’t reach our truest balance. Working with a nutritionist, especially a holistic one, we balance all areas of our life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Because life is so much sweeter when we take more time out of daily schedules to give ourselves a lot more self love10473976_437593116395970_332924297615586162_n

But what does this all look like… There are many ways we can work together. I have worked with people through Skype, FaceTime, in person, and email. The recommend meal plans all change depending on what we are working on together. This can come in the form of a day to day plan or a weekly overall plan. All of my programs that I offer you receive special client prices for workshops, events, cooking classes, and other products. This is a little gift for you to take advantage of more knowledge on your own journey and learn various topics and make everyday the tastiest day every.

If you are feeling pulled to work with a nutritionist, lets talk! I offer a free 15min FREE introduction call.


img_2628UPCOMING 2017:

I will be posting upcoming events, workshops, and classes for 2017 on the event page.



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